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technical writer
do ?

I design instruction. You know that e-Learning safety course you clicked through on your computer when you first started your job? Or that PowerPoint presentation your boss used at work? How about the on-the-job training you received in order to learn your job? I design and structure those (hopefully better than you remember). I absolutely love instructional design! It is a field that is constantly changing and I get to use so many skills-writing, graphic design, training, photography-everyday.  I get to engage learners so that they actively participate in the learning experience. Simply put, I help people learn whatever it is they need to learn, better.

I also write...technically. I use subject matter expert input and personal experience and education to write documents. For example, instruction manuals, standard operating procedures, reference documents, policies, forms and so much more. This job gives me the opportunity to develop my understanding of how people learn effectively. I am constantly learning how to convey information so that everyone is able to understand it. If an individual can read a document that I have created and perform the steps accurately, as written, it makes my day.


I designed and wrote the code for this website (including the jQuery slider on the home page and boxes on the portfolio page). I design business cards (including my own displayed on the home page), handouts, publications, newsletters and logos. You name it...i’ll try it